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Life With Comfort


The excruciatingly numbing pain in your leg, neck, and lower back from sitting for long hours isn't easy to ignore. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. That's why we created napEazy®. With the overwhelming support of our Kickstarter backers and friends, we are finally able to bring napEazy® to you. napEazy® pillows provide incredible back support and support your full weight in the side and front sleeping posture. So you don't have to carry multiple pillows, just one—a solution to all your napping needs, napEazy®. 

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Innovation Brings Comfort

"I really liked the front posture with the sling. It was so supportive and comfortable."

Katrin Velarde

"I got a chance to use napEazy on my bus trip. Although I was initially apprehensive, the simple yet innovative design of this pillow surprised me and eased my travel discomfort by many degrees."

Sitansu Acharya

"napEazy allowed me to find a position which is perfect for me."

Patrick Honing